Fiona Stratford’s influencers empower personal growth

15February 2016
Fiona Stratford

Fiona Stratford

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Fiona Stratford
Fiona Stratford

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Personal growth is what drives Fiona Stratford, even in her client relationships. Internal, personal reflection supports her thinking with clients. Learning from relationships supports her professional interactions. Fiona’s goal is to learn from everyone she meets, from line managers in her early professional career to luminaries of thoughful revolution like Gandhi and Martin Luther King. She believe strongly that ‘one small step could be the biggest thing you ever do.’

Listen and watch Fiona talk about those who have influenced her passion for working with people.

To talk to Fiona Stratford about your passions and influencers give her a call at +44 (0)1628 471 114. Or send the contact form and we’ll make sure Fiona gets your thoughts on your upcoming meetings or your influencers or how to empower personal growth, even in meetings.

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