Participants discovered opportunities to work together, leading to changes far beyond the event


D How we collaborate with you on design and delivery of the meeting

Before the meeting

  • We have a conversation with you as the meeting owner to finalise the scope and outcomes and agree how we can best work together.
  • We connect directly with the participants who will attend the meeting. This 15-20 minute conversation is used to engage with the individuals about their specific roles and expectations and ensure there is alignment on purpose and outcomes to inform facilitation design.
  • We design and agree an agenda with you, to maximise participant engagement and commitment to outcomes.
  • We prepare support materials for the meeting.
  • We setup on-site prior to the meeting.
During the meeting

  • We facilitate the agenda designed to encourage collaborative working and robust decision-making.

    This allows the entire group to participate and focus on content whilst fostering a shared sense of ownership for the overall purpose and meeting outcomes.

  • We support the group work and outputs using graphic facilitation methods and graphic recording.
Before the meeting

  • Effective documentation supports on-going action beyond the meeting, as well as providing a touchstone for communication. We will provide a record of the meeting within 48 working hours of completion.
  • OPTIONAL: We can support you in further developing this work together through follow-up facilitated conference calls and virtual or face-to-face meetings.

“Action without vision is only passing time.
Vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world”

- Nelson Mandela


D We work with remarkable people who’ve said:


“Your visual approach is a unique and valuable aspect.”

“Excellent approach, something different than the norm. Kept everyone engaged and great to use graphics to explain things.”

“I partnered with MM at our recent conference and found the experience really beneficial for us.”


“Interesting to attend a University wide meeting with a different more dynamic format than the usual.”