Katherine Woods


An engineering graduate with a corporate background, Katherine founded Meeting Magic in 1999, driven by a belief that people meeting effectively is a key driver for business performance.

Kenda Gaynham


Over 20 years of experience in learning and organisational development, practiced leadership expertise and an understanding of individual and group dynamics, informs Kenda’s work with leaders who want to get the best out of themselves and being part of a collective.

Sarah Perry


Sarah’s strengths are communication — engaging people in supportive and dynamic ways to help them think differently, explore ideas and invest in moving forward. She understands the art of motivating individuals and teams, having worked with groups from the Financial Times, Linklaters, AON, and many other large enterprises.

Liz Forder


A highly experienced marketer with over 20 years’ FMCG client-side and consultancy experience, Liz has very strong client leadership, facilitation and communication skills.

John Ogier


Based in Singapore, John combines a background in senior-level high-technology marketing in the Asia-Pacific region with many years’ experience in the leadership, management and workshop facilitation space.

Helen Simms


Helen’s passion is clear communication and its role in supporting the creation and maintenance of strong relationships amidst the whirlwind pace of our technological age.

Warren Miller


Trained in the political sciences and with over 15 years’ experience as a meeting facilitation professional, Warren brings a formidable yet friendly contribution to shaping and directing meetings and other group activities.

Michael Dick


Michael Dick is a senior business, marketing, brand and communications professional with broad experience in driving strategy and change initiatives. His passion is helping teams connect with each other and with key stakeholders, agencies and consumers, and helping management and implementation teams start and maintain strategic and system-wide change conversations.

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