Kenda Gaynham

Partner and Senior Facilitator

Over 20 years of experience in organisational development, practiced leadership expertise, and an understanding of individual and group dynamics informs Kenda’s work with leaders who want to get the best out of themselves and being part of a collaborative collective.

Deeply embedded in this is recognition that organisations and people truly achieve great things only when they work effectively together and that, in doing so, they create living human systems, not corporate machines.

These systems are in a perpetual state of evolution and Kenda believes that the combination of collaboration and adaptability, even if sometimes uncomfortable, is one of the cornerstones of how we express our best selves as a part of a group, both locally and globally; common knowledge but not always common practice.

Kenda understands that focusing on not only what we work on but how we work together, is the key to unlocking the potential in any group and organisation to achieve their purpose. By paying attention to how collaboration happens – how ideas are generated and developed, how decisions are made, how information is shared, how learning takes place – we can develop profound insights about organisational health and performance and catalyse passion and responsibility in individuals and teams.

Stir in her training as a Myers Briggs MBTI (Step 1 & 2) practitioner and an EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-360 Emotional Quotient Inventory assessor, and membership of the Association for Coaching and the British Institute of Learning and Development (BILD), and it’s clear that Kenda brings a potent armoury of rational and perceptual skills to her partnership with clients.

Says Kenda:

I’m passionate about what I do. I bring this, along with my experience of living and working across the world, in many different business and cultural contexts, to work alongside my clients. Together we establish what’s needed and I partner with them to achieve it. It’s a profoundly satisfying relationship and keeps me always excited about the work we do.

Kenda is also a qualified and committed coach whose central belief is that individual growth is the key to organisational and societal development. She specialises in coaching for change and collaboration.


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