Sarah Perry


Sarah’s strengths are communication — engaging people in supportive and dynamic ways to help them think differently, explore ideas and invest in moving forward. She understands the art of motivating individuals and teams, having worked with groups from the Financial Times, Linklaters, AON, and many other large enterprises.

A native English speaker, Sarah’s also fluent in French and Russian, and her extensive global travels give her a perspective on group dynamics that seamlessly accommodates the subtleties of how local culture and organizational practices relate to global issues. From the British Council in Russia to an NGO in New Delhi to a logistics team in Beijing, Sarah has an extensive understanding of the cultural specifics that leaders confront on a daily basis. This helps her get local and global teams working together in new, insightful ways.

A group can be much stronger than the sum of its parts. Motivation and belief in a common purpose do not happen by accident and nor do happy, productive meetings where people leave smiling and committed. We work with you to plan and deliver meetings that work and can help create a culture of meetings where purpose is communicated, decisions are made and plans are implemented.