Thought Leaders

29March 2016

We know from experience that if you focus on the purpose you will find greater success. This applies when meeting and in organisations and in leadership concerns. This article by Dominic Houlder and Nandu Nandkishore in the Harvard Business Review published 22 March 2016 echoes our thinking. Have a read. Let us know what you think.

26February 2016

Stephen Covey’s work and thinking has deep resonance with Meeting Magic. We build on his thinking in understanding the power of meeting. Meeting well is built on trust. Trust glues relationships, meeting process, personal and group action, and organisational change. At Meeting Magic we help individuals build trust within their work process.

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08February 2016

Becoming an effective meeting facilitator does not come overnight. It does not come without thoughful reflection about actual client work. And, it does not come without exploring what others think, along with reflection on others’ insights. Being an advocate for organisational culture change through meetings comes from years of experience.

Katherine Woods range from Peter Senge and David Sibbet in her early days as an internal graphic meeting facilitator to Frederic Laloux in her current thinking about organisational change through meeting culture. Her journey to meeting consultancy has been varied but informative. She demonstrates her passion for culture change through meetings. Read More ›

05February 2016

Here at Meeting Magic and Scribing Magic we have lots of people who influence us from David Sibbet to Frederic Laloux.Over the years these people and their ideas have changed because our thinking and how we work with clients is always evolving with new ideas, and our own shared thinking, particularly about the power of meeting. Read More ›

20January 2016

Frederic Laloux is focusing thinking on organisations. Every generation seems to have a voice that challenges how to imagine organisations. Reinventing Organizations is his book that encapsulates his thoughts. We have much in common with Laloux.

We find that we have been on the path to what Laloux calls the Evolutionary stage or Teal. (He uses colours to help identify the stages of his organisational understanding.) Katherine Woods shares her thinking about Meeting Magic’s relationship to Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations. She summarizes the basics then makes the connection to our passion for meeting facilitation and how to change organisations through high-quality meeting.

There are three foundational ways of working that help identify if Teal is the colour of your organisation.

  1. Attention to purpose. Is the purpose of your organisation or, indeed, your meetings have clear purpose? This goes beyond visions, missions and goals. Question and think about your purpose.
  2. The whole person. Do you consider each person in your organisation from the perspective of them as whole persons and engage them on that level?
  3. Self management. Once you have identified your purpose and know you people do you trust them to step up and do what they say they will and do you give them the space to manage their own work?

Some of this thinking has been around for some time. Some of it is new. We’ve done a lot of thinking about all of this.

Give us a call to discuss how you engage Frederic Laloux’s thinking no matter the colour of your organisation’s stage. +44 (0)1628 471 114. Or complete our enquiries form to tell us what you want to chat about.

17September 2015

Productivity drives success. If this doesn’t move you to want to improve productivity in your organisation we don’t know what will. Interesting and motivational stuff. Everything Morieux talks about is addressed in quality facilitation.



We know we can help you with your productivity, and the work that makes it happen. Call us for a discussion on this topic at +44 (0)1628 471 114 or complete the contact form and tell us what you are thinking about. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

11September 2015

Our thinking exactly! We help build ideas then move those ideas to committed action.

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09September 2015

We love this video, both for the content but also the visuals used. This is proof that visual thinking aids understanding. We believe visual or graphic facilitation embeds that visual thinking in organisations. Enjoy!

If you want to discuss how visual thinking and graphic facilitation supports your organisational communications give us a call at +44 (0)1628 471 114 or complete the contact form letting us know some of your thinking and how we might help you.

10July 2015

Inspiring talk based on his leadership knowledge gained from his military experience.

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20February 2015

Our good friend and mentor, David Sibbet, has posted a considered reflection on the state of graphic facilitation in today’s meeting world. While graphics is one way Meeting Magic support clients our thinking on this continues to evolve as does David’s. Have a good read.

03February 2015

In The Principles of Facilitation, David Sibbet of The Grove Consultants International defines facilitation as: “The art of leading people through processes toward agreed-upon objectives in a manner that encourages participation, ownership and creativity from all involved.” This shows that it isn’t just a role for someone at the front of a meeting, but a real leadership style. Read More ›