How we do it


“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited.”

- Plutarch


When we engage people in all the dimensions of human knowing – cognitive, emotional, relational and intuitive – and their ability to synthesise complexity, they achieve remarkable and often surprising outcomes.

True collaboration and creativity are not always easy. We’re not afraid to handle all aspects of what people can bring to working together – complex, messy and amazing!

Our expertise in group behaviour and dynamics helps catalyse and bring out the best in people to achieve these results.


What underpins our work…

One Belief

human network circle

Focus on organisations as living human systems

Attending to HOW work gets done between PEOPLE is at the heart of organisational performance


Action Impact


The patterns e.g. how decisions get made
The informal structures


Changing the way you work…



One individual

In groups


A group of individuals



The organisation - a building