Is there an agile approach to visioning and strategy?

Agile has achieved wide acceptance within the project management world. We have been thinking about how agile concepts work in vision, strategy and deployment processes. Our question is can meeting facilitation add value as agile co-thinkers with leaders who understand that the world is a constantly changing place.

Our answer to this is yes we can. If we understand that the underlying issues include getting to purpose, meeting as a way of establishing culture, and arriving at actionable results then being agile is precisely the way facilitation happens.

But the issue is bigger than the meeting facilitators being agile. It is helping leaders and organisations think and act in agile ways, to adapt, adjust and change strategy as the world fluctuates around them. This does not necessarily mean abandoning three and five-year strategy work. It is knowing when and how to make the adjustments without be slave-ish to three and five-year plans.

There are lots of questions we’ll be exploring about creating agile visions and strategies. If you as a leader and if your organisation is surrounded by change, agile may be a solution. Let’s explore that together to see how agile looks for you. We are happy to talk it all through. Call us +44 (0)1628 471 114 or tell us your change situations in our contact form and we’ll get back to you quickly. Constant change is here to stay. Let’s explore agile ways of dealing with change.