BBC Article on leadership trust is a good one

Bendy's relaxed confidence comes from building trust.

Bendy’s relaxed confidence comes from building trust.

This article on the BBC News website on the 9th of June caught our eye. It frames the issue of trust of leadership quite well. It identifies the issue and uses some good examples of the need for trust.

We find that the article struggles a little not so much on why leadership needs to build trust but on how to build trust. Exploring practical ways of building trust is a difficult thing in a brief article as each organisation is different and each leader is different, with a multiplicity of experience and baggage and personal points of view on the full range of issues they encounter on a daily basis.

Trust is one of the key values successful organisations must achieve. Leadership that understands trust and knows how to build it, hold it, sustain it and, when needed, rebuild it are the ones that thrive in the business world.

It starts with an intentional stance to be a trustworthy person in all things. Self awareness and commitment to trust are crucial because people instinctively know when a person is trustworthy. They may not always know why but they can spot a lack of trust a mile away. And, in our experience, people enthusiastically follow their trusted leadership.

Personal trust, and personal confidence about one’s own trust, is then modeled and communicated during meetings, speeches, presentations, interviews and interactions. The strength that personal trust supports can move mountains, and certainly engage organisations and stakeholders in powerful ways.

We all wrestle with trust as we go through our lives, and certainly in our work-a-day worlds. The choices we make strengthen or challenge us. Our trustworthiness is communicated to others in our transparent choices, and the consequences of those choices.

At Meeting Magic and Scribing Magic we support leadership conversations that include high levels of trust. By how we work with our clients we model trustworthiness and encourage transparent explorations of how leadership engage their stakeholders by maximising trust. Building trust is part of our meeting DNA.

To explore how we can support your leadership and build trust into your organisations, whether in the UK, Europe or AsiaPac, contact us at +44 (0)1628 471 114 or complete the contact form. Trust is critical to leadership success. How can we support you?