Can distributed teams find quality ways of working?

More and more companies, and teams within organisations, are struggling to communicate well, with leaders challenged to keep their local teams aligned to the overall organisational goals, strategies and agreed actions.

It is so easy to focus on the local work that stares us in the face and is visible pressure to complete. Local teams are frequently judged by their local outputs. It is difficult to keep an eye on the overall organisational vision and plans. How do leaders stay on top of this? How do team members focus on global issues when they are judged by their local actions?

These are critical issues for global or regional organisations. Working in distributed models can work and can be highly engaging for global concerns while maintaining high performance locally. We have worked with large and medium-sized companies to work through their distributed team issues.

We don’t simply run virtual meetings for our clients. We help them think about the issues they face from leadership to teams to visions to actions to accountability. Working as a distributed team means lots of things. We have explored those things.

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