Changing your meeting culture

 The problem with meetings today isn’t necessarily that one meeting has challenges or that one meeting leader has issues. The problem with meetings in organisations is usually a systemic problem that needs systemic solutions.

It is no secret to anyone that meetings take too much time and resources. Our own research demonstrates that managers spend between 50 and 70% of their time in meetings. The more senior; the more meetings. And 46% of meetings are reported to be a complete waste of time with only 10% of all meetings driving any action at all. These statistics show that poor meetings are a hidden cost in most large organisations, a cost that can be directly impacted by changing fundamental ways of having meetings.

Meeting Magic works with your organisation to improve the productivity, engagement and creativity of day-to-day meetings by tackling the systemic issues in your meeting culture.

Whilst the symptoms of unproductive meetings are similar in most organisations the causes are often different. Meeting magic works with you to diagnose the causes of unproductive meetings in your organisation. We can then recommend remedial action, which you can either take yourself or engage Meeting Magic to help you implement.

Solutions to unproductive meetings usually involve a combination of eliminating unnecessary meetings; redesigning key, pivotal meetings in the organization; training managers in how to lead effective meetings; training participants in how to be effective in meetings; and one-to-one support of meeting leaders and organizational leaders who need to learn to prepare and deliver quality meetings.

Recently, we implemented a system-wide meeting culture change process within a global pharmaceutical company. We created a targeted culture diagnostic survey and interviewed key meeting leaders and influencers. This revealed a need for improved leadership and managerial knowledge of meeting facilitation and delivery skills. We designed facilitation training for leadership that was rolled out to 60 influential leaders and managers. We also redesigned pivotal and mission critical meetings, including large-scale events that impacted their entire system. And, in order to make these work we delivered 1:1 coaching and support for the meeting leaders. The results are still coming in but preliminary reports are hugely positive.

We also undertook a similar process with a major, global FMCG company within a targeted division. Their challenges were different from the pharma company but some of our process worked well here, too. We conducted the diagnostic for about 100 leaders and managers. We delivered leadership training in how to have effective meetings and how to present well. We redesigned pivotal meetings and trained the leaders of these meetings in high-quality facilitation and presentation skills. This process has just completed so results are anecdotal yet overwhelmingly positive. So much so that they have invited us back for more.

The only way we will know if this meeting culture consultancy will work for you is by having a conversation about your culture and where you would like it to go. We are happy to speak and perhaps begin by delivering the set of diagnostic options so you learn first hand from your organization what is working and what needs changing. From there we can build a meeting culture that has positive, creative and engaging impact for delegates and the bottom

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