Co-creation in organisations isn’t just for tree-huggers, its a leadership thing!

We know that sometimes the language of working together can get a little tree-huggie. Co-creation can sound like a trip in the woods with flowers in the hair. We get that.

There is also a very serious message contained in ‘co-creation’ as a leadership style. It is rooted in strong leadership and organisational values of respect, listening, openness, trust and mutual support. We also get that, and understand this as part of our own core values and ways of working.

We recently created a whole new company strategy for Meeting Magic and Scribing Magic. The process had elements of ‘tell’, ‘sell’, ‘test’ and ‘consult.’ But all of that was part of our overall process of co-creation, using resources such as email, Facebook, virtual meetings and face-to-face meetings to keep our process moving toward our new vision.

‘Co-creation’ as a leadership style means using each of the other styles to the benefit of being together to build something new (or build on past achievements). It means engaging a team or organisation in a process that each person trusts will end in solid results. It means understanding the past so it can be held loosely and not rigidly to the point of asphyxiation of new ideas and ways or working. It means honest and clear assessment of current states and the external pressures impacting decisions and visions. It means being able to challenge ‘tell’ and ‘sell’ tendencies in a way that uncovers the foundations of thought within the organisation. ‘Co-creation’ is work but it is work that broadens commitments, agreements and actions and lessens burdens of implementation, tracking, evaluating and learning from the work.

We revel in co-creation as an organisational and leadership style because we do co-creation as a company and fully understand the rewards. Yes, we are a small company so co-creation can be easier. But our client list is full of large organisations that co-create from the top right through to managers and line workers.

We can support you in your explorations into co-creation as a leader and an organisation. Call us at +44 (0)1628 471 114 or complete the contact form. We’ll reply as quickly as we can.