Communicating with Aliens….

It was half term last week and I took my children to the National Space Centre in Leicester, I can recommend it 🙂

At the end of our visit we watched a show called ‘We Are Aliens’. The show used great visuals and special effects to explore the topic of aliens, and whether they might exist. Are we alone? I was fascinated to find out that all the Voyager space craft are fitted with a large CD containing pictures, music, images of our life on earth, so that, other life forms can learn about us.

However, I also found myself reflecting on the irony of us trying to communicate with alien life forms on other planets, when I still see us having problems communicating with each other here on earth! It never ceases to amaze me how easily misunderstandings can arise, even between people speaking the same language. One advantage of communicating with an alien might be that I would make fewer assumptions,. So, maybe I should consider alien communication to improve my earthly communication….. food for thought!?