Differentiating between process and content

When we facilitate meetings the expertise we bring is in the design of the process to enable productive conversations. This is how we are able to facilitate meetings for such a diverse range of groups.

The discipline of separating the process and content when thinking about a meeting is valuable in any meeting situation. By this I mean, thinking about how you will have conversations separately from what the conversation is about. To use cookery example, most recipes are written with a list of ingredients (content), e.g. flour, eggs, sugar, butter,and separate instructions for how to make the dish (process), e.g. blending, mixing, whisking, sifting, baking etc.

So, when you are next planning a meeting try keep the content of your discussions, i.e. the data, the subject matter, the information, separate from the process of how you have the discussion, e.g. open forum discussion, PowerPoint followed by questions, paired walk, small group working etc.