Do blended virtual and face-to-face meetings work?

We’ve been doing virtual meetings with our clients for some time. Recently, we’ve also been seeing a trend to ‘blend’ virtual within face-to-face (f2f) meetings. This plays out when a global team or group has remote portions of the team not able to join them in the room.

One recent example of this was a major multinational company who had met f2f to develop plans and actions but decided that multiple travel expenses would dictate who in their team might be able to attend their next few meetings. We designed sessions that created a high quality review process that included priority setting for the next year. It was a three-day f2f meeting with components attended by their distributed team members. We designed the agenda so the right people were in the right sessions and included ways to each distributed member to get up to speed quickly on what they had missed. The entire team, though physically far apart, felt included, engaged and part of the team solutions they created together. This has allowed for more targeted and committed implementation through their global units.

It’s this kind of creative thinking to support distributed working that can keep businesses going when there are team travel budget issues, internal travel bans due to overall cost controls, or external business challenges that might impede progress.

We know how to make distributed teams work well together to keep creating insights, help prioritize plans and actions, keep teams communicating, and engage organisations creatively. If you have distributed teams that need to stay connected, focused and advancing your goals give us a call to start a conversation about how we can help. Call us on +44 (0)1628 471 114 or complete our enquiries form giving us a brief description of the specifics of your virtual meeting needs. We’d enjoy supporting your work.