Do leaders know how to ‘sell’ their strategies and ideas?

One of the most used skills of a leader is ‘selling’ their ideas and strategies whether to other organisational leaders, to employees, a broad range of stakeholders and to the general public marketplace. How ‘selling’ happens is critical to its success.

‘Selling’ is most effective when it is thought through as part of an overall communications strategy, rooted in strong decision making, fully agreed solutions, excitement about the commitments, and a clear way forward with identified actions.

‘Selling’ can also go wrong. The less clear leadership is, the less committed they are to their own strategies, the less excitement they have for their goals, then the more ‘selling’ might introduce confusion, apathy and inaction, with dire results.

Helping leaders understand how to ‘sell’ ideas and strategies is part of our remit. We understand it, and understand that ‘selling’ ideas is very different from selling products and services. We help leaders locate their ‘selling’ strategies within an overall decision making process and a clear communications plan.

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