Do new company structures help?

This interesting article opens up new ways of thinking about the structure of companies. There are several new ways of thinking about organisations and organisational management. But do these new structures really help? Are these new management structures any more successful than legacy structures?

We find each of these structures interesting in their own right and can see from the success of some of these companies is one measure to observe the impact of these organisational changes.

Our concern is that you still have to communicate. You still have to understand your vision and goals. You still have to agree work and ownership of that work. You still have to have a process for moving projects and ideas forward. You still have to come to agreement and commitment. You still have to have action requirements and ways of reviewing these actions. And, you still have to make agreed, honest and open adjustments to ways of working.

How do these new structures help with transparent communication? How are decisions made? Who owns the actions and how are they to implement the actions.

In any organisational structure you still need to have meetings. If the meetings are not successful by engaging conversations with the outcomes in mind then the structure of the org means nothing. The organisation is the people. The people need to communicate. Effective conversations are the key to people communicating well.

We encourage, and can help with, organisational change and exploring new structures to create effective and successful companies. But we also know from over 16 years of experience working with an array of companies, both legacy and new, that the only real way forward is with conversations that support people.

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