Don’t give up on meetings

This week I have been reading a book on growing businesses, by an American business consultant. In the chapter on personal productivity, the author recommends declining invitations to all meetings, on the basis that they are not a good use of time.

My reaction to this…

Whilst I understand that many meetings are not productive, this seems a little defeatist. Surely it would be better to try to improve the productivity of meetings by engaging with meeting organisers to clarify the objectives and agenda, in advance?!

I also wonder how it would work if everyone did this? It would mean everyone would work individually, without collaborating. I am sure that this would not be sustainable in many business situations.

So, whilst I am definately a fan of checking declining invitations to meetings without purpose, I implore you not to give up on meetings. They can be highly productive and even fun, when they have some meeting magic :-)!