Facilitative Leadership

I have just re-read Good to Great by Jim Collins. I am struck by the description of Level 5 leadership, described in the book, and how many of the characteristics are those of a facilitative leader.

My experience of reading this book was like the ugly duckling looking in the pond. Here is a book that preaches a different style of leadership: not all the ‘charistmatic leadership’ stuff that tends to get taught in Executive Education, a style that I can relate to and would aspire to achieve.

Interestingly this book names the fact that these level 5 leaders and proven to deliver great results and yet they often get overlooked in the corporate world. This makes me think back to the many conversations I have had with prospective Meeting Magic facilitators. One of the main drivers for many of them leaving their jobs is that they often feel their skills are not values in their organisations.

I am left wondering why so many organisations do not value the qualities of a facilitative leader?