Feedback playlist

Last week I ran a facilitation training. As usual at the end of the course, I asked the delegates to complete a feedback form, to assist with the continuous improvement of the programme.

Also as usual, I decided to put some music on in the background, to fill the silence of the group thinking and writing. By complete coincidence the song that came up on my playlist was ‘Greatest Day’, by Take That. My colleague and co-trainer, raised an eyebrow at the not-so-subtle messaging from this piece of music, but I went with it, rather than interrupt the flow.

By complete coincidence, the next song on my playlist was James Brown, ‘I feel good’!!! At this point the whole group were laughing at the implications of this song playing during a feedback session.

I am now wondering whether to set up a Feedback Playlist on my iPod! I could include tunes like ‘Magic Moments’! Other suggestions welcome 🙂