How Frederic Laloux & Meeting Magic sync

Frederic Laloux is focusing thinking on organisations. Every generation seems to have a voice that challenges how to imagine organisations. Reinventing Organizations is his book that encapsulates his thoughts. We have much in common with Laloux.

We find that we have been on the path to what Laloux calls the Evolutionary stage or Teal. (He uses colours to help identify the stages of his organisational understanding.) Katherine Woods shares her thinking about Meeting Magic’s relationship to Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations. She summarizes the basics then makes the connection to our passion for meeting facilitation and how to change organisations through high-quality meeting.

There are three foundational ways of working that help identify if Teal is the colour of your organisation.

  1. Attention to purpose. Is the purpose of your organisation or, indeed, your meetings have clear purpose? This goes beyond visions, missions and goals. Question and think about your purpose.
  2. The whole person. Do you consider each person in your organisation from the perspective of them as whole persons and engage them on that level?
  3. Self management. Once you have identified your purpose and know you people do you trust them to step up and do what they say they will and do you give them the space to manage their own work?

Some of this thinking has been around for some time. Some of it is new. We’ve done a lot of thinking about all of this.

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