Great venue, great meeting

A few weeks ago I wrote about facilitating a meeting in, what can only be described as a sense deprivation cubicle! At the end of last week I had the opposite experience. I facilitated a meeting in the board room of an agency in London which was fantastic.

The room was spaceous and light. It had one whole wall of windows, and enough space to set the room up in small clusters of cafe-style tables and chairs. There was loads of wall space and the room was modern and comfortable.

In addition to the facilities in the room there were great facilities outside too. Food and drink were available nearby. There was a large open plan area with tressle tables outside which was great for informal or working conversations in breaks.

I found myself inspired by the surroundings, and able to invent processes that worked because the space and facilities were there. Working with the group in so many different ways, kept the conversations productive and the group energised, even though they had their Christmas party on the middle night of the two days!