Preparing leadership for growing rapidly through acquisition

The following case study is from meetings we facilitated for a global drinks company that had grown rapidly through acquisitions.


The CEO needed to get together the heads of all the business units to converge and agree on a single strategic way forward. Our mission was to take a group of individual business leaders and start to form a united leadership team.


  • Briefing from the CEO to clarify what he wanted to achieve
  • Interviews with the team coming to the meeting
  • Development of the design and materials for a two-day leadership meeting
  • Graphic facilitation of a two-day meeting in Latvia
  • The development of visuals from the meeting for onward communications to the wider organisation


By the end of the meeting the leadership team had developed:

  • a long-term vision, mission and strategies for the whole organisation
  • a set of common goals across the business
  • an agreed set of values with clarity of meaning and behaviours
  • commitment by leaders to develop plans to align with the overall strategic business direction.

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