Huffington Post gets it right!

huffAt last I am reading something in the media about the positive impact that meetings can have! This article in the Huffington Post, Bored Boards Are Bad for Busniess. Smart Companies are Fixing That. (February, 2015) highlights how powerful meetings can be (and, frankly, should be) particularly at leadership level.

The article highlights how small practical changes, like good use of pre-work, fewer presentations, and better agenda design, can influence the quality of meetings and, in my mind, the overall culture of meetings within the organisation.

What I am intrigued about is how the rich dialogue and productive conflict is facilitated. My hunch is that it isn’t being facilitated. My experience is that it is really hard for a CEO or board president to lead content and facilitate the group dynamics in board meetings. While the Huffington Post’s suggestions are good, and a solid starting place, good facilitator support would enable even better results.

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