Just hanging out together

This week Meeting Magic celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary. To honour this occasion we went to Henley Regatta for the day. We all dressed for the occasion, and thoroughly enjoyed being spoiled rotten.

Apart from the large quantity of OARRs at the event, there was little talk of work. I think we all experienced the benefit of just spending time together, and a chance to talk about whatever was on our minds.

We are a team that work virtually, and whilst I think we are really great at making that work for us, we sometimes bump into the challenges of working in this way. Over the years I have come to treasure the occasions when we have the chance to connect face to face. In our internal meetings we really focus on the conversations we need to have, and grab any opportunities to connect socially too.

We encourage clients to allow free / unstructured time in the evenings when running meetings over several days. Our experience this week really supports that advice. Sometimes a team just needs to hang out together.