Large meetings & conferences; ban the razzmatazz

I am working with several clients on large events at the moment. As I reflect on this work, I notice the contrasting approaches between the clients I have worked with for a long time and those who are new to Meeting Magic’s approach.

The newer clients view conferences as events that are primarily about presenting information to the participants but need to be made interactive. The focus in these meetings tends to be the logistics of location and travel, along with the presentation content. The vast majority of the budget for these kind of events gets spent on the hotel, travel and event production.

Our more established clients recognise the opportunity to use large meetings to engage people and drive change through these impactful forums. This means beginning with the end in mind, deciding what impact you need in the organisation from the start, then working backwards through the design of the event along with the alignment of leadership before the event. Whilst there is still a significant amount of budget required to logistically bring a large global group together, much less budget is spent on the fancy trimmings because the participants get so much out of the chance to have great conversations with their colleagues. They don’t need razzmatazz.

If it were me, I know I would rather spend my effort in driving business impact, rather than on a one off event.

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