Meeting Magic’s large events and conferences offer.

Meeting Magic has large group facilitation expertise that enables us to design and facilitate engaging meetings that drive action back in the workplace. Organisations are becoming wise to the cost of large meetings and the potential opportunity they hold. By bringing together large groups of people, you can effect change quickly and consistently–but only if the group is truly engaged. Hours of ‘death by PowerPoint(r)’ just won’t cut it. You need to involve the participants, help them make meaning of the changes for themselves and their teams, motivate them to take action and provide them with the tools to support action beyond the meeting.

The benefits of our approach to large meetings include:

  • You can create a wave of change by initiating a new strategy with a large group
  • You can ensure consistency of messaging by having a large group be part of a single event
  • You can understand the issues that might get in the way of strategy deployment and address them
  • Large meetings can be expensive; we ensure you get the best return on investment

Our clients say they have never experienced anything like our large meetings, when we are involved with the initial design stages onwards. It’s hard to explain what it’s like in words–you have to experience it. To give you a flavour, here are some descriptions of how we work:

  • We spend a significant amount of time in our preparation getting clarity on what you want to achieve; we believe in beginning with the end in mind.
  • We consult with the audience before we start the design process so we understand the expectations and concerns coming into the room.
  • We design large group processes that enable conversations; we believe in the wisdom of the crowd.
  • You don’t spend a lot on production and razzmatazz; we engage the group in real work, and it’s fun!
  • You get to the nub of issues by enabling rich conversations in the group; we can tackle issues that get in the way or people taking action.
  • We focus on what is needed to support work after a meeting before the meeting; the support is ready in a timely manner.


Leader and direct reports, 120 people in San Francisco, Tech sector (Microsoft) — embedding change in strategy. We work with leadership team to prepare them to lead in the large meetings. We then ran the meeting for three days, during which time the group understood the current challenges in the business, the long-term direction, and the changes in strategy required. They also connected on a personal and business level to create robust working relationships to enable effective virtual working beyond the meeting. Result: effective deployment of a new strategy worldwide.

Leader and 120 direct reports in company that had grown through acquisition (CSR) — aligning and deploying a common strategy across the business. We ran a three day offsite meeting with the top 120 from around the world. We spent time understanding the different backgrounds of the units that made the whole company, then agreed on a new common direction and strategy for the future, finishing with plans. We also worked on creating profound connections amongst the leadership, to support collaboration beyond the meeting. Result: a common long-term vision and strategy worldwide and across units.

Top 200 leaders across a global R&D organisation (Mars) — aligning and deploying long-term strategies worldwide. A series of four road shows, one in each region, run in onsite locations to keep costs down. The road shows allowed participants to work across different parts of the business and make connections to foster collaboration beyond the meetings. There was consistency of messaging going into each road show with local data added where needed. The outputs from each roach show built on each other to give a cumulative picture of worldwide perspectives. Result: One R&D department connected worldwide, across business units.

With your large events and conferences we add robust support from conception to follow-on actions. Call us at +44 (0)1629 471 113 or complete the contact form to begin a conversation about how your large events and conferences will become engaging, creative, and results driven.