More stats that support the Meeting Magic message

While it is a ‘nice to have’ in order to keep the reality in our sights, in reality we all know that meetings are under pressure to become better. That meeting is a verb that needs some action, not a noun to be reviled and left to hang out to dry. We know meetings. We know why meeting works. We support meeting as a strategy not a ‘must do.’

So here is a new blog with some new stats that support our message. The author, Daniel Russell, does get it right, to a point. That stats are just some data until you sit down and find out why these stats are true. The stats are useful as sign-posts to solutions.

We have our own stats that are slightly different from Daniel’s but they point in the same direction. Whatever the stats, it’s about meeting, as a verb, that offers a way out of them.

We offer the solutions because we get meeting. We get and help envigorate the verb: MEETING! Bring us in to help your meeting culture and to advise your leadership on how to have great meetings. If you are not facing into these stats in your organisation you are not improving your business. Call us at +44 (0)1628 471 114 or complete the contact form and tell us a little about your meetings.