New leader with a new global strategy

The following case study is for a leading FMCG company with a new leader with a new global strategy. We supported him and helped him collaborate with his new team.


The company is a leading global FMCG business. Our clients was new in the role and business segment. The aim was to bring their global team together face-to-face for the first time, to familiarise and engage them in a new global corporate strategy and to collaborate on a plan for the team to support the overall success of the global business.


  • Briefing from the Chief Information Officer and HR Director to clarify meeting objectives
  • Interviews with the global team of eight who were attending the meetings
  • Co-creation of the design and materials for 3.5 day global Business Partner meeting
  • Graphic facilitation of the meeting and development of visuals from the meeting for onward communication
  • Prioritisation of long term stratefy in line with the new global strategy
  • Agreement of relevant and tangible cultural shifts, and assignment of owners to strategies and cultural shifts
  • Timeline for implementation


The meeting agreements and actions are in the first implementation stage. Results will develop between this meeting and the follow-on meetings designed to review progress and make adjustments to the courses of action.

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