Putting YOU into your Facilitation

This week I traveled to Switzerland to take part in a facilitation demo with a handful of facilitators who work with The International Union for Conservation of Nature. It was a real honour to be invited to take part in this session, which was aimed at showcasing a variety of different facilitation approaches.

I found it fascinating to take part in facilitated sessions lead by others. A nice change from the role I usually take in groups! I was struck by the commonality of principles, from a group that had come together from all over Europe. However, the styles were very different.

It was a really useful reminder of the importance of personal authenticity in facilition. I know I had a real breakthrough in my facilitation development a long time ago, when I stopped trying to mimic others and decided to find my own way. When I work with business managers learning to facilitate, I try to help them to find their own strengths to build on, rather than trying to copy others. As a wise old facilitator once said to me, ‘the difference isn’t the problem, it’s the solution!’