Reinvigorating key teams for long-term direction and strategy change

The following is a case study from our supportive facilitation work for a global leader in cardiac and vascular care needing to reinvigorate key teams for long-term direction and strategy change.


Coming from a period of transition and change, the client’s challenge to us was to reinvigorate their key teams and muster forces behind formulating and implementing long-term direction and strategy change.


  • Intensive one-to-one briefings with teh GM and other key leaders and stakeholders to set out clear goals for our involvement
  • A multi-state implementation based on a two-day meeting design with facilitation of the vision and strategy sessions plus a separate planning meeting
  • Additional visual documentation and outputs supporting communication of the vision and strategy to all staff and stakeholders at an annual kick-off event, which was also part of our support and design remit.


  • The leadership’s compelling three-year vision and roadmap is firmly in place, with clear objectives and ownership
  • Highly positive feedback from the kick-off event, gaining a strong response at a facilitated confereence that engaged delegates in multi-way vision and strategy conversations rather than one-way sharing.

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