Do you have the right people in your meetings?

Ah meetings! You gotta love ’em. Or not. The love of meetings comes with having effective meetings. Sometimes the effectiveness of meetings rely on who is in the room and what they bring to the meeting.

With all the planning and agenda design and energy and demands that go into getting a meeting off the ground, if you don’t take time to invite the right people you run the risk of not achieving your desired outcomes. Why is this so?

In our experience, having the right people in your meetings gets you to action and commitments more quickly. Having the wrong people, or at least ‘not appropriate’ for the content, can lead to delays in decisions, going off track, mismatched and not fully formed solutions, and the wrong actions.

Having this situation is one reason people hate meetings. The wrong people in meetings make the meeting feel like a waste of time. And, if someone feels they don’t belong there then dissatisfaction can set in during the meeting so you don’t get full engagement.

Take time to determine who belongs in your meetings, why they are there, what they bring to help reach the outcomes. Don’t involve people if they don’t belong there, don’t add value, or are just ‘killing time’ or wanting to feel informed or engaged. (There are other ways to inform and engage those who don’t belong in this meeting.)

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