Take our meeting culture survey

We are collecting data in our meeting culture survey that will inform our thinking about how meetings help or hinder organisational culture. We will be posting some of the data on this website for others to use. Please take our survey. It takes 15-20 minutes so sit back and relax, grab a cuppa and have a go. Select the ‘Get yourself heard’ link. And scroll down that same page to have a look at some of our initial data results.

If you are internal to an organisation answer the questions from your current experience. If you are external, or a service provider, to organisations then answer the questions from the perspective of your most recent internal experience. We appreciate your participation in our survey on meeting culture.

If you would like to speak about anything you find in the questions of the survey, or learn how the accumulated results might impact your organisation’s culture, please call us at +44 (0)1626 471 114. You may also email us via our contact form letting us know your thoughts on the survey and anything that comes up for you while you take it. We’d enjoy a deeper conversation with you.