Taking facilitation to the next level

We are in the run up to our next advanced facilitation training course. This course is our flagship course, as it attracts diverse participants with rich experience of facilitation, so we are always developing and improving the programme.

I love working with a high calibre group, with a passion for facilitation and a thirst for learning. People come on the course from far afield, we have had participants from Africa, America, Singapore, Australia…. and from many different sectors, we had a Vicar on our last course.

The reason this course is so developmental is because, experienced facilitators get beyond the tools and techniques, and learn that their own development is the most important tool they have. Working with a diverse group like this provides rich learning from everything that happens in the training, and the great thing is that it is different every time.

I am looking forward to what I will learn from the group we are with next week.