The end of meetings as we know it? And, a way to save a precious commodity!

Our own research does not indicate that this is true and we have not been able to verify it as yet. Evidence at the meetings we attend (and, yes, at our own internal meetings as well) seems to indicate this is not the case.

However, perhaps by having good meetings we can also save chocolate! Think of the energy boosts, the boredom breakers and the general mood creation from chocolate. If there were good meetings globally, that included ways to energize, break the boredom cycle and motivate participation perhaps less chocolate would be consumed and the tragedy of looming chocolate shortages can be averted.

We think we can help with bad meetings and stem the angst of chocolate lovers everywhere. Give us a call at +44 (0) 1628 471 114 or send us a contact form and we’ll sort this out at your organisation.