The greatest productivity opportunity for most organisations

Businesses are all about people working together. The good news is that we are currently investing huge amounts in this, but are we getting the return?

  • Managers invest 50-75 % of their time meeting with colleagues
  • This equates to spending over 130 days a year meeting people
  • Most organisations spend over 10% of their turnover in people meeting together to work

If this money was being invested in Marketing or R&D, how would it be planned and managed? How would the success of the investment be known? What expertise would be sought from those people tasked with working on this investment?

We tend not to think of time spent meeting people, as an investment. Why is this, and what does this mean for the productivity of our organisations?

Katherine Woods will be exploring these questions and other aspects of the Power of Meeting at Henley Business School’s Developing Leadership Capability Conference on July 15, 2015.

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