Transforming an HR organisation with globally aligned strategy

The following is a case study from our facilitation consultancy with a global, France-based FMCG business focused on transforming the HR organisation with a globally aligned strategy.


A new global HR leader needing to transform the HR organisation from locally-based transactional HR to globally-aligned strategic HR partners.


  • Briefing from the HR Director to clarify her objectives
  • Interviews with the HR team attending the meeting
  • Liaison with external HR consultancy
  • Development of the design and materials for a three-day global HR leadership meeting
  • Graphic facilitation of a three-day meeting in Paris
  • The development of visuals from the meeting for onward communications to the wider HR team and to the wider Exec team.


By the end of the meeting the HR leadership had developed:

  • a long-term vision for HR
  • an agreed purpose
  • strategies to achieve the vision
  • plans for the next year with objectives, actions and allocated resources
  • agreed next steps for onward communications and testing of their work.

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