Two firsts for Meeting Magic

A couple of interesting pieces of news for Meeting Magic.

1. Last week was the IFVP (International Forum for Visual Practitioners) conference in Hawaii. On the fringe of the conference two of my colleagues (one from the UK and one from the USA) met up to do some work together. They decided to have a meeting together on Waikiki beach, during which they worked through the Meeting Magic Method. I understand that they were so engrossed in the Method that they barely noticed the beautiful sun set, and were somewhat irritated by the noise of the Hula Hula music in the background 🙂

So, a first for Meeting Magic – someone reading the Meeting Magic Method on Waikiki Beach!

2. We had our first training participant via Twitter, on our advanced facilitation course this week. I must admit to having had doubts about the value of Twitter, but now I am sold.