Who are the leaders we need?

So much is possible if we consciously and wisely choose how best to step forward as leaders for this time.

These words from Margaret Wheatley resonate for us as leadership is something we return to time and again in our conversations about humanised workplaces.

Over the last half of 2017 we explored humanised workplaces and how we might measure success, focussing on a human-centric approach to impact rather than a mechanistic one.

The role of leaders continues to be vital to that success, and traditional styles of leadership are struggling (if not failing) to deliver in the context of complexity that we all find ourselves in.

So, who are the leaders we need, and need to be, right now?

A complex world means that these questions, of course, are not served with a simple answer.

Over the next few months we’re going to explore and re-explore different leadership options.

As always, we think it’s good to start any exploration with some self-reflection, and offer these questions to prompt that:
  • What does leadership mean to me?
  • What are my leadership qualities?
  • How do I use these in different situations: family, work, community…?

If you’d like to dive deeper, here are a few voices on the subject that we’ve enjoyed: