Why do virtual meetings have a bad rap?

As we’re sure you are aware, an increasing amount of work is done virtually, thanks to technology platforms like Lync, Skype for Business, GoTo Meeting, Zoom and the like. However, we consistently hear from our clients that meetings in the virtual space still have an even worse reputation than those that are face-to-face.

Using tablet technology and an online platform we can record dispersed team meetings.

Using tablet technology and an online platform we can record dispersed team meetings.

We work with many of our clients to improve their virtual meetings. Our findings show that the poor productivity and the bad experiences people report of being in virtual meetings is usually down to a lack of understanding of group dynamics, and inexperience in designing group processes that work effectively virtually. This leads to:

  • Overuse of virtual meetings for just info-giving. Telling people instead of engaging them.
  • Overuse of open forum processes for discussion – which either lead to ‘tumble-weed’ moments (silence) or everyone talking over each other – neither are effective.
  • Very little genuine collaboration and decision-making.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Virtual meetings can be useful, productive forums for collaborative working. We know this because that is how we design virtual meetings for our clients and for our own internal conversations. Meeting Magic has been a virtual organisation since it was established in 1999!

We think there is a massive opportunity for a platform provider to lead the way in developing virtual meeting design capability in the corporate space, and we still don’t see anyone doing this. All the capability development and marketing seems to be about the technical capability of the platforms. There remains little education about how to leverage them to achieve business results through powerful group collaboration.

At Meeting Magic we have been dedicated for over 16 years to making meetings work better. We help you leverage the power of meeting, both face-to-face and in virtual environments, whether on phones, Skype, GoTo Meeting, Zoom or other platforms. It is not just about the technology. It is about the quality of the meeting conversations to improve collaboration.

If this is an issue you’re tackling, we can help you improve your virtual meetings in a myriad of ways. Give us a call for a conversation about your conversations at +44 (0)1628 471 114 or complete the contact form and mention virtual meetings.

And remember that Scribing Magic supports your meetings in the virtual space as well as in your face-to-face meetings.