Working with WWF – Part Two

Final preparations are underway for the work with WWF South Africa and we’re excited about how it’s coming together.

One of the key differences between creating impactful large group interventions, compared to traditional conferencing, is the intention to develop momentum and ownership of the design by the group.

One of the ways we’ve worked to achieve this is by extending the core learning week design team and developing the design through an iterative process of consultation and co-creation.

Some of the aspects of this design process that have stood out for us are:

  • The genuine collaboration between ourselves and WWF, combining our different skills to form something that neither of us could have done individually
  • The excitement that has grown in the wider team as they have seen their input shape the design
  • The willingness of the executive committee to accept the design because of the high levels of involvement. This is a contrast to some senior leaders who don’t respect the work done by the group and changing things without understanding the reasoning.

We are two weeks away from the event itself and we are now in the weeds of the detail. We don’t love detail, but we know that smooth-running practicalities help people engage fully in the work of the event.

For example, ensuring that the refreshments run smoothly enough that 160 people can get what they need in the time allocated for the breaks is a seemingly trivial thing that can make a big difference to how people experience their day.

Our personal favourite piece of detail, discussed in today’s conference call, was the need to enlist Baboon Matters, an organisation that will keep the local baboons at the Cape Point Nature Reserve at bay during the lunchtime foraging expedition. Definitely something unique to this event!!!

So, we’re packing our bags and on Friday we’ll be heading off to Cape Town. We’ll keep you posted on developments from South Africa….