Lunch & Learn

The Power of Meeting: a 2-hour ‘lunch & learn’ session

It is well known that groups of people can achieve more than individuals, hence the phrase ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’. We intuitively understand the need to connect and collaborate and the importance of doing it well.

This is why we have meetings!

The first step is to bring people together. The second is to get them to work together, effectively. This doesn’t happen by chance.

Do you want to:

  • get the most from meeting and meetings?
  • harness the true power of people collaborating?
  • shift your meetings from purely transactional to potently transformational?
  • meet with clients and customers in a way that leaves them wanting more?
  • experience team development with immediate impact?
  • enjoy meeting? (a radical notion for some, we know!)

What is it?

  • Why: To reawaken an awareness of the power inherent in meeting
  • To offer some practical ways to collaborate more effectively and get the most out of every meeting
  • To experience what’s possible in meetings!
  • Where: On your premises, in a flexible space
  • When: A 2-hour timeslot that makes it easy for people to participate
  • Who: Groups from 12-120

Want to make it happen? Get in touch with us here