Meeting Magic Method® toolkit

Meeting Magic Method® toolkit
A toolkit for successful meeting design.

I am delighted that you’re reaching out to support business managers wanting to run better meetings.

Senior Director of Global Consumer Services

LEGO Company Ltd.

The worksheets are very practical and beautifully designed and could make a real difference to anyone who struggles with the preparation of meetings (so that’s everyone who ever prepared a meeting, right?)

The Reading Chronicle

Katherine Woods and Ingrid Uden have written an immensely practical book, organized around the real, recurring problems you will face in meetings.

David Sibbet


The Grove Consultants International

Discover a system for getting great results from every meeting you hold. This book is designed to help business managers to gain more effective results from any meetings that they need to call or manage. Our seven steps should help you to break away from poor meetings and bad habits. They will show you how to move towards truly engaging discussions that deliver powerful business results.


What’s included in the kit

  • A3 sized Meeting Magic Method® workbook
  • Smaller, booklet with key tips and questions for ongoing use with templates
  • Facility to print templates for your ongoing use
  • 30 minutes of 1:1 support from a Meeting Magic facilitator

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