Recommended Reading

Books and other useful resources we recommend

Visual Working

  • Generative Scribing [Kelvy Bird]
  • The Magic of Metaphor [Nick Owen]
  • Metaphors we live by [Layoff & Johnson]
  • Back of a Napkin [Dan Roam]
  • Unfolding the Napkin [Dan Roam]
  • Show & Tell [Dan Roam]
  • The Graphic Facilitators Guide [Brandy Agerbeck]
  • The Sketchnote Handbook [Mike Rohde]
  • Slideology [Nancy Duarte]
  • Resonate [Nancy Duarte] Also, very good website!
  • Mapping Inner Space [Nancy Margulies]

Meetings and Facilitation

  • The Meeting Magic Method [Woods and Holligan]
  • The Meeting Magic Book [Woods and Uden]
  • Facilitators Guide To Participatory Decision Making (Kaner, Lind, Toldi, Fisk & Berger)
  • The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook
  • Don’t just do something, stand there – [Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff]
  • Visual Meetings [David Sibbet]
  • Open Space Technology [Harrison Owen]
  • The world café [Brown, Isaacs et al]
  • Future Search [Weisbord & Jannoff]
  • The Handbook of Large Group Methods [Bunker and Allan]
  • The Circle Way


  • Who do we choose to be [Margaret Wheatley]
  • The Spirit of Leadership [Harrison Owen]
  • Immunity to Change [Kevan and Larry]
  • Humble Inquiry [Edgar Schein]
  • Intergral Life Practice [Wilber, Patten, Leonard, Morelli]
  • The Circle Way: A leader in every chair [Linnae and Baldwin]
  • Discussing The Undiscussable [William R Noonan]
  • Divide Or Conquer [Diana McLain Smith]

Organisational Development

  • Oganisational Devt [Mee Yan Cheung Judge]
  • Organisational Consulting [Nevis]
  • Systemic Consulting [Siebke Laat and Anton de Kroon]
  • Leading from the Emerging Future [Otto Sharmer and Katrin Kaufer]
  • Wings for Change [Jan Jacob Stam]
  • Community [Peter Block]
  • Systems Thinking and Social Change [David Peter Stroh]
  • An Introduction to Gestalt [Sills, Lapworth, Desmond]
  • The Change Handbook [Peggy Holman]
  • Reinventing Organisations [Frederic Laloux]
  • The Fifth Discipline – The Art & Practice Of Learning Organisations [Peter M Senge]
  • Seeing Systems [Barry Oshry]


  • The Five Dysfunctions of Teams [Patrick Lencioni]
  • Visual Teams [David Sibbet]
  • Teaming [Amy C. Edmondson]

Other Resources

  • Pinpoint Facilitation
  • Grove Consultancy
  • Neuland
  • NTL Institute
  • ODNE
  • Jackson Art