Learning Labs

“You’ve brought to life, in a very practical way,

what I believe is a better way to work.”

Training by another name?

Yes. And no.

Collaborating effectively and working well in groups to harness collective intelligence is a skill. Some might even argue that in the world today, it’s a critical skill. Like all skills, it is something that can be learned and practiced and the more one practices, the better one is likely to become at it. Even with decades of experience under our belts we aren’t convinced it can truly be mastered but we’ve dedicated our lives to trying.

Many of the leaders we work with are keen to improve their own capability in this work and we’re often asked to share our approach and experience with them. We’re delighted to do that.

What we know for sure is that this skill cannot be solely injected by experts, acquired through book-learning, or absorbed by osmosis. To learn how to do the work, one has to do the work.

Training, in the traditional sense, is not the answer for this kind of learning. And so we’ve developed our learning lab approach.

Who it’s for

Not everyone. People are wired to learn in different ways and we create experiential learning experiences designed to optimise this diversity and create just enough disruption and “safe” discomfort to facilitate true learning. It’s part science, part art; alchemy.

Most often we work with clients who:-

  • Want to develop capability in collaborative leadership
  • Are involved in organisational change
  • Manage cross-functional teams and projects
  • Work in partnership with others in their organisation, both internally and externally
  • Want to organise & lead their teams in a collaborative way
  • Lead a lot of meetings and/or workshops

A closer look

So how does it work?

We develop bespoke interventions to address real learning needs. 20 years practical experience of designing for and facilitating groups and deep understanding of human dynamics and systems, combined with significant ongoing investment in exploration of new methods, means we bring the best ‘tried and tested’ approaches along with new ones to support people in their learning.

We apply our hands-on experience with in-depth knowledge and practice of learning & development methodologies to our learning interventions – internally and in open programmes.

If traditional training is not working for you on its own, or not appropriate in your context, a learning lab may be the way to go. It combines the best of theories and mental models, practical tools and techniques, supported experimentation, shared and individual experience, intra and inter-personal reflection, quality feedback, and applied practice.

You can access the learning no matter what level of experience you bring to it and we believe the impact can be profound.

In our client's words

Head of L&D, for a Fortune, Global Top 100 Company


“The context for this work and the journey that L&D are on to support the organisation in working more effectively [..] is that we invest heavily in individuals and individual skillsets.

The one thing that often gets neglected in large organisations is group work – how all these talented individuals across an organisation come together and work effectively.

Most of the critical stuff – because of the nature of our VUCA environment and the complexity of everything we do – requires that we work effectively together and to do things well – adapt and be agile – the capability for that is increasingly critical and has been for some time.

We wanted to invest in this and […] not just the theory but how this shows up in practice – team dynamics, group dynamics, people and psychology.

This is a Critical skill set for leaders across the organisation.

The strategic need is for us as an organisation and a culture to evolve in this volatile and uncertain environment and groups as the way of doing that.

And then also […] the way of working, this mutual, inclusive way of working takes an understanding of people and group dynamics to create those safe spaces so that people can really bring themselves to work and capitalise on the talent that we have. And make for a great place to work.

The reason for bringing in Meeting Magic is […] a very aligned way of thinking – not only are [they] experts in this space, they take it very seriously and they also hold it lightly, and understand large organisations.

Our experience of working with them is very powerful. We are advocates of their work because they have had such a strong impact on us.”

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