Meeting Facilitation

“I don’t know what I expected but you exceeded my expectations!”

You might be

  • Starting new projects, generating ideas, articulating your purpose
  • Developing your vision, strategy & plans, or changing the way you work
  • Reviewing progress and performance, learning and analysing


“I think about how we work together very differently now.”

Assemble your team

As leaders, you already know that it’s best to do these things collaboratively.

A professional, experienced facilitator can help you to get the most from your team.

We work with you to achieve the outcomes you want, whether you need extensive support for a whole series or the power of a one-off intervention for a key meeting.

To your magic;
we bring our magic

Magic? Yes, we believe in it.

Firstly, it’s in our blood. Secondly, we’ve made it our life’s work to develop and practice it; the magic of facilitating group collaborative processes and human dynamics.

We understand how groups work, how change happens, and how behaviours shift. We notice and pay attention to the patterns in people’s interactions – ingrained or not, structured or unstructured, formal and informal – and we work with them, bringing a light, intuitive touch that is not just sleight of hand but has been honed (as all magic is) through study, skill and repetition.

Meet the Magicians