Special Focus Webinars

Are you: 

  • Having to navigate team dynamics online?

  • Leading a team that needs to hone their virtual collaboration skills?

  • Wanting to gather a large group virtually but not sure how to go about it?

  • Exploring new ways to deliver your training or consultancy offer online?

If so, we have created several short webinars specifically for people like you.

These webinar workshops are designed to raise awareness of some of the key aspects of working in groups online and radically improve your ability to work efficiently and enjoyably in the virtual space!

In each of these 2-hour sessions we’ll share our years of experience from working remotely with groups around the world. They will help you gain new insight and learn techniques that enable you and others to work just as well apart as you do together, if not better!

There are plenty of advantages to working virtually so don’t leave doing it well to chance: these are skills that will last well beyond any short-term challenges.

Workshop 1: Trust as the Foundation

Many people recognise the importance of trust as the basis for all meaningful collaborative work and are questioning how we build and sustain it now, without the options of meeting in person. In this workshop we will explore:

  • the levels of trust needed in groups to achieve the outcomes agreed
  • dimensions of trust and tools for expanding them
  • how to establish and deepen trusting relationships in service working better together

Workshop 2: Visual Working Online

In this workshop we will explore how to creatively integrate visual tools into your online workspaces to:

  • effectively manage information shared and co-created in groups online
  • support teams to collaborate well in virtual spaces – in and between meetings – with user-friendly visual tools
  • consider creative visual ways to create focus and engagement in online meetings

Workshop 3: Go Large!

Intending to gather a larger group but wanting to feel more confident about managing so many people in a virtual space? This is the workshop for you. We will:

  • explore some of the principles that apply to working with larger groups, in person and online
  • consider how to design for a larger group and still create an experience that feels inclusive and participatory rather than passive
  • discuss some of the challenges and opportunities inherent in working with large groups in virtual spaces

Workshop 4: Managing Conflict Creatively

Conflict emerges online just as it does in face-to-face groups and teams. Ignoring it does not make it go away, but it can be a great source of creative energy if recognised, dealt with, and managed creatively. In this workshop we will:

  • consider several ways conflict shows up in virtual groups
  • explore some root causes for conflict
  • discuss how meeting in our difference can deepen trust and improve performance in groups and teams

Workshop 5: Great Virtual Meetings, by Design

Great virtual meetings don’t happen by accident. Just as we wouldn’t go into important face-to-face meetings unprepared, effective virtual working requires that we plan to meet well. In this workshop we will share the approaches we use to ensure:

  • clarity of outcomes for every virtual meeting
  • processes that are designed to actively involve people and make space for share of voice and multiple perspectives
  • creative techniques that enable people to participate well online so that they leave feeling it was a good use of their time and even having enjoyed the session!

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We can’t change the world of connection and collaboration on our own!

Meeting Magic has always focused on supporting learning and developing capability and we have a suite of offers that we deliver in-house or as open programmes.

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Our team attended a two part Virtual Collaboration Workshop with Meeting Magic. Kenda and Katherine guided us through some really practical ways of helping us to achieve our goals - the workshop was very hands-on allowing us to experience tools and approaches as learners whilst understanding how they work as facilitators. We would highly recommend the workshop, it has given us the confidence we needed to take the next steps in our journey. Thank you Meeting Magic.

Carolyn Oxley

People and Organisational Development Manager - NCFE