Team, Leadership and Partnership Development

“We’ve improved the way we work

together beyond recognition”



People, people, people.
It’s all about People.

People are amazing and multi-faceted. Creating spaces where they can bring all of themselves to do good work is important to make the most of that. When they come together, in small groups or large, all of who they are is amplified and coalesces into human systems that are complex and sometimes messy. It’s great when people are able to bring their best selves but getting to the point where that is true, can take some work.

Our approach to groups is grounded in applied behavioural sciences, enabling us to bring an inter-disciplinary mindset, eclectic experience and multiple methodologies, across sectors and organisations, to support you in your work.

What we aren't. What we are.

When you think about developing your teams, leadership approaches or partnership working, if you’re looking for a Unicycling MC, drumming activities or unicorn builders to help forge the bonds, that’s not us. We can point you in the direction of good people who do that work brilliantly. And some of those things do work. We’re fond of a unicorn building session ourselves.

If, however, you believe that people hold potential to achieve great things together through shared purpose and meaningful work that binds them; and if you suspect that paying attention to the ways work gets done helps them tap into their passion and responsibility; and if you’re looking for a partner to help you do all this… we can work alongside you to catalyse both the power and potential in your world and work.

Team Building

Teams remain the most powerful unit of collaborative work in most organisations. Building a strong, well-bonded, team, with high levels of trust & respect, clear shared purpose, and inclusive ways of working that enable each person to do their best work in the collective, requires a conscious approach. It’s like tending a garden; the work never truly ends, there are seasons of activity that cycle around, and the rewards for paying it attention are high. We understand how teams build and how they function – the behaviours and the dynamics at play can help or hinder – and we can support you in getting to grips with any aspect of it.


“I love being part of this global team now – I never thought I would say that!”

Leadership Development

Leadership, like everything else in the world, is shifting and being redefined. It comes in many shapes and forms and, depending on the context, is not linked solely to hierarchical authority. What worked before may not be working now. What works in one context may not work in another. This isn’t new. But the rate of change and the extent to which leaders are required to adapt is unprecedented. If you’re figuring it out, we have relevant developmental experience from working with forward-thinking leaders in different organisations that could help. We’d be delighted to share this and support you in working out YOUR way to lead.


“You enabled me to get alongside my team and work with them, leading from within.”

Partnership Working

Reaching through boundaries to work alongside others, and being able to do it well, is essential in a complex environment. Whether it’s at the individual, team, department or organisational level, partnerships are critical. It’s also not always easy to do. Differences, if not appreciated and leveraged, can get in the way. Being able to have frank conversations that acknowledge and accept each other’s challenges, expertise and priorities, are the basis for a sound relationship.


“We simply understand each other better, and how are roles interface. We are so much more effective now.”

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