Change how you meet, change your world!

Yes, we really believe it. Here’s why:

Organisations are living human systems

This might see obvious BUT look closely and what we see is that most organisations are designed with people as human components of a large and efficient machine.

This isn’t what’s meant when claims are made that “People are our greatest asset” but it’s often what results.

In order to truly humanise our workplaces, we first have to acknowledge that organisations are living, breathing, potentially messy, groups of humans.


How people work together is fundamental to business performance

If people thrive, the business will thrive!

How people work together, i.e. the collection of behaviours they bring, creates the culture and impacts the business results.

Becoming skilled in understanding & working with human behaviours (applied behavioural science) is the key to and essential for organisational performance.


The way we work together shows up in meetings

Paying attention to how we meet in organisations enables us to SEE how people ACTUALLY work – which often differs from how they perceive, believe or say they work.

And so… we create new ways of working in meetings to shift the culture of connection and collaboration in organisations.


This is the magic!

Some of the ways we’re involved in supporting change:

  • Reviewing and improving how leadership teams work together
  • Working with multi-stakeholder groups to affect change across organisations
  • Creating cross-boundary collaborations for societal impact

Change how you meet, change your world!

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The reason for bringing in Meeting Magic is … a very aligned way of thinking – not only are (they) experts in this space, they take it very seriously and they also hold it lightly, and understand large organisations.

Our experience of working with them is very powerful. We are advocates of their work because they have had such a strong impact on us

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