Post-crisis growth

Yes, it’s a thing! Profound change happens when disruption is combined with a focused blend of both support and challenge.

Disruption interrupts our old patterns, support provides enough safely for experimentation and exploration, and challenge is needed to provoke us to consider new ways.

So, disruption is taken care of. The past few years has probably provided the biggest global disruption the world has seen in our lifetimes, and we are supporting our clients to grow and thrive during these challenging times.

By “grow” we do not mean the unsustainable, relentless pursuit of profit that has driven financial targets in many organisations to this point.

We mean sustainable, evolutionary growth that leads to profound change. We mean hearts and heads combined to generate a different way of living and creating prosperity in our world.

We know this development work can be done at several levels, so our different programmes reflect this.

It’s YOUR work. So we partner with you to do the work YOU need to do.


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Programmes for Transformation


Personal leadership development, but not as you know it!

Whether you think of yourself as a leader or not, you lead in your life, so you want to make intentional choices. If you’re at a crossroad in your life or undertaking a personal or professional transition, this is the one for you.

A 12-week intensive individual development programme supporting you on a journey of exploration of yourSELF, how you relate to OTHERS and find purposeful work in the WORLD.

This programme involves a powerful blend of weekly group workshops, peer coaching, individual reflection and in-depth exploration of you, your impact, and your place in the world.

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Team building with a difference!

An immersive, experiential programme of strategic development work aimed at leadership groups and intact teams, working together to:

  • Rethink your strategy
  • Develop team performance



Organisational change management, but decidedly unMcKinsey-like!

When something in your organisation seems stuck, or if you’re ready and poised to make a change, we can work with you to release energy and ignite potential. Through a series of incisive, impactful interventions we’ll support you to evolve your organisation and create greater internal capacity and capability; leaving you better equipped to shape and respond to the future, whatever it holds.



Is societal change your ambition? Let’s do it!

The most effective way of addressing the huge societal issues we’re facing at the moment is by bringing groups of diverse people together to truly connect and collaborate. By reaching across boundaries of difference, you can generate new solutions from your collective wisdom and a willingness to step into the unknown.

We’d love to help you to make a difference in your world!

Partnering with you to make it work

All of these programmes can be delivered face-to-face or online.

Whilst the philosophy and principles of our work hold true across all our programmes, we work emergently to address the particular needs of each unique individual, group, organisation or situation, so no two programmes are identical.

We also work experientially, so all of these offers are designed for active (not just interactive) involvement on the part of our clients.

If you’d like to chat and explore any of the programmes in more detail, do get in touch

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The reason for bringing in Meeting Magic is … a very aligned way of thinking – not only are (they) experts in this space, they take it very seriously and they also hold it lightly, and understand large organisations.

Our experience of working with them is very powerful. We are advocates of their work because they have had such a strong impact on us

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