Working Virtually Bite-sized Workshops

Are you: 

  • Having to work remotely now more than face-to-face?
  • Leading a team that needs to perfect virtual collaboration?
  • Exploring new ways to deliver your training or consultancy offer online?

We have designed two virtual workshops specifically for people like you. They will change your life or, at least, radically improve your ability to work efficiently and enjoyably in the virtual space!

We have regular dates scheduled. If you’d like to help yourself or your team to adapt to or refine their blended ways of working, we’d be delighted to have you join us. 

It’s easy to assume that everyone will adapt well if they have a laptop, PC, phone and internet connection; that they’ll share the same work patterns and habits virtually as they do face to face, and that they’ll have the same expectations of each other as they do when co-located. We see time after time that this isn’t the case.

Over two sessions we’ll share 21 years of research and expertise to help you gain new insight and learn techniques to enable you and others to work just as well apart as you do together, if not better!

Workshop 1: 120-minute Connection Class

We’ll cover the basics on how to thrive and do great work when you’re not physically together:

  • Generating and maintaining trust
  • How to truly collaborate in a virtual space to reach joint outcomes
  • Tools for sharing work in real-time and making decisions together
  • Insight and awareness about behaviours: not everyone reacts the same way
  • Staying connected and not feeling like you’re missing out, socially or career-wise, when working virtually

Workshop 2: 150-minute Collaboration Clinic

We’ll explore questions that emerge in the first webinar and raise awareness of approaches and tools to address some of the most common virtual working issues, which might include:

  • Upcoming large group meetings or events that are now happening in a virtual space
  • Team members joining or leaving, or other team dynamic changes that could be difficult to manage
  • Does everyone understand and agree on how you have decided to handle a particular situation or make decisions in the group?
  • How can you better support each other when remote working presents unforeseen problems & opportunities?
  • Anything else that you have noticed emerging in the current ways we’re working…

Cost: Pay what you can. Yes, really. We generally charge £375 (per person) for both webinars but do not want cost to be a barrier to participation so let us know what feels good for you right now and we’ll be delighted to have you there. Group size up to 12 participants.

(please ask for tailored sessions for larger group sizes or alternative webinar duration)

There are plenty of advantages of working virtually but it’s a tricky road to navigate for those who aren’t used to it and even for those who are.

Don’t leave it to chance: these are skills, understanding and insights that will last well beyond any short-term challenges.

To find out more or book a place, please get in touch

We can’t change the world of connection and collaboration on our own!

Meeting Magic has always focused on supporting learning and developing capability and we have a suite of offers that we deliver in-house or as open programmes.

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As with most of us within Learning and Development at the moment we are searching for more effective ways to engage and collaborate with colleagues in a virtual space.

Our team attended a two part Virtual Collaboration Workshop with Meeting Magic. Kenda and Katherine guided us through some really practical ways of helping us to achieve our goals - the workshop was very hands-on allowing us to experience tools and approaches as learners whilst understanding how they work as facilitators. We would highly recommend the workshop, it has given us the confidence we needed to take the next steps in our journey. Thank you Meeting Magic.

Carolyn Oxley

People and Organisational Development Manager - NCFE